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What is WPengine?

How WP Engine Stands Apart From Traditional Web Hosting Services. And is it Worth the Extra Cost?

Sure, you can spend extra on backup storage, CDN network, and even stock photos to make your website look professional (of course we prefer to use coupons to save on photography for your website). But do all those extra costs add up to actual performance/conversions for your business?

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WP Engine has made a name for itself as a leader in managed WordPress hosting. In an age of cyber threats and complex scalability demands, programmers have realized that web hosting is no longer an afterthought but rather a critical component of the development cycle.

Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting means that WP Engine is responsible for all security issues that may arise, and in the event that a website is hacked, then they are responsible for costs relating to damage repair.

It Has Website Scalability.

Scalability is a major concern for websites that deal with seasonal or unpredictable web traffic concerns. An example would be an online retailer getting many requests during the holidays or a news organization getting many requests due to a breaking news story.

The ability for a website to adapt to this scenarios is critical or else the site will crash leaving you stranded and with a damaged brand to boot. WP Engine has inbuilt structures to expand a website’s capacity as well identify scammers trying to crash your site with fake requests.

WP Engine has also built a brand for itself as being reliably fast, which means that requests receive quick responses down to the nanosecond guaranteeing a good customer experience even during a traffic spike. WP Engine boasts of having four times the average speed of most web hosting companies especially when compared to shared hosting services.

When it comes to security, they take care of it all.

WP Engine automatically backs up website data every night free of charge. Their evercache technology brings together proxy servers, sophisticated database management systems and information delivery networks that guarantee data is transferred and stored safely.

They Have Custom Tools. But Do They Help?

Given the demands placed by investors on programmers to move quickly and deploy products, it has become critical that the development cycle become shorter and more efficient. WP Engine caters to this by providing developers with an inbuilt arsenal of development tools that drastically shorten the time it takes to build a website.

Just as critically important is the fact that WP Engine has dozens of support staff dedicated to helping clients resolve any problems that may arise and to integrate into their ecosystem as quickly as possible.

As a WordPress based provider WP Engine has a 99.999% up time statistic which means that there are no worries that a website is down leading to lost revenue. As for the few scenarios of scheduled maintenance then WP Engine informs their clients so they aren’t caught by surprise. These scheduled maintenance’s only last a few hours and as for downtime caused by unexpected system errors then support staff are always on standby to resolve the issues.

Their Data-Centers:

WP Engine also relies on multiple data centers, clustered and dedicated environments as well as a Geo-hardware redundancy structures to ensure stability and dependability.

Unlike traditional hosting, WPEngine relies on Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) which are unique in that they have networked systems which cooperate with each other and seamlessly transfer data to clients without letting them know the location of the server for maximum security. All these features ensure that websites hosted on WP Engine are fast, reliable and easy to scale which leads to massive savings on both time and money.