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How to Change Your Primary Domain on BlueHost

So, let’s say you found a valid domain promo code and now you want this newly-registered domain name to be your primary domain…bezoek

Time after time, an individual may want to change their primary domain in Bluehost. This may be due to a number of diverse reasons including misspelling in their original domain name. Now, the question most people’s mind: is changing your primary domain is possible and if so, how is it done?

changing your primary domain name in bluehost

Now, the answer to the question of whether or not changing their Bluehost’s primary domain is possible is a resounding YES. It is quite an easy process and the steps will be outlined here.

Now Before that, here is a brief overview of Bluehost:

There are numerous hosting providers worldwide with Bluehost being one of them. With Bluehost, each and every single hosting needs and requirements can be realized by a client. Bluehost features a cPanel that allows all their clients to personalize and customize their settings as per their need. Among the services offered include the ability to:

  • Add subdomains
  • Change their primary domain etc.

One of the greatest features offered by Bluehost happens to be the ability to easily change a client’s primary domain. As mentioned before, the process is quite easy and relatively easy.

Preliminary points to take note of:

  • Before changing your domain name, there are quite a number of important details that you need to get in order. These include the following:
  • The details of your original account including usernames, passwords, and database files should remain unchanged.
  • Every single new primary domain file should be moved to the public_html directory. Keep in mind that this it will serve as a point directory with the new domain.
  • Any previous forwarders will be deleted once the new primary domain is in operation.
  • All and any custom changes to the old domain’s DNS will be lost. These need to be redone once again.
  • Note that your redone domain will serve as a point to the public_html directory.
  • As much as your data remains unchanged, it is advisable that you do a full backup of your site’s database files in your PC.

The time needed to completely change your primary domain varies depending on your account’s size.

Above includes every significant detail and instruction that should be kept in mind before the actual process of changing your primary domain is commenced.

How do you change your primary domain?

Every domain host and provider offer a service that allows the client to change their registered primary domain whenever they wish to. The only difference is that some hosts do charge for this service while others don’t and offer the service for free.

Bluehost is one of the best hosts that offer this service for free. With Bluehost hosting your site, you can change your primary domain whenever you want to without having to pay any amount of money whatsoever.

All you need to do is take note of these three details as you will be required to produce them when changing your primary domain. They include:

Original primary domain

New primary domain

The last 4 characters of your cPanel password.

Once you are sure that you want to change your primary domain and have all the required information, all you have to do is simply contact Bluehost service providers by PHONE or CHAT. Keep in mind that you have to accept all the terms and conditions of their service in order to expedite the process.