How to Add a Second Website on Bluehost

Bluehost can be termed as an unlimited web hosting company. This means that it allows a client to add multiple domains or websites on their single account. But you have to realize that once you purchase a Bluehost account, you get one free website and installing any others requires purchase from either BlueHost or another third-party registrar like GoDaddy.

After the purchase, all you have to do now is have the name server pointed to Bluehost.

Bluehost facilitates and allows the addition of extra domains as either a parked or an addon domains.

Adding an Addon Domain:

An addon domain is a website that appears as a separate website from your main or primary domain and points to its own individual folder on your hosting account. Here is a simple guide that should help you set up an extra addon domain to your Bluehost account.

The first and most basic step is to have your domain name server pointed to Bluehost nameservers. It doesn’t matter if your domain is registered with another registrar or BlueHost, you can point your domain name to Bluehost’s nameservers. This is a very simple DNS name configuration that can be done without necessarily any technical background or learning curve. Also, you have the option of contacting your domain registrar and have them help you out.

Once this is done, all you have is follow these simple steps to feature an add-on domain to your Bluehost account:

  1. Log in to your Bluehost account, or rather Bluehost hosting panel:

2. At the top of the page, click Domains. Then click Assign

3. In the ‘Enter Domain’ form, input your domain name without the ‘www’ section.

4. Next up, you have to verify ownership.

Once you are done with inputting your website name, Bluehost automatically tries to verify the domain name. If it so happens that your domain or website name is not pointed to Bluehost Name Server yet, you are provided with alternatives on how to verify your domain ownership. Of course, this should be done before proceeding.

5. Next you need to have a directory set for the new website or domain name.

Here you can either have a new directory created or use an existing one.

6. The final step is clicking on ‘assign this domain’ to confirm the process and have the new domain added to your Bluehost Control Panel.

Adding an addon domain is as simple as that. Remember that all these steps can be repeated to add and host any number of addon domains to that single Bluehost account.

A Quick Summary of the Above Steps (TLDR):

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How do you purchase an Extra Domain With Bluehost?

As mentioned much earlier, when it comes to buying a new domain, you can either purchase them from Bluehost or another third-party registrar. Hosting providers tend to put confusing language on their websites to make novice website-owners think that they need to do it with just one company.

But you can have a domain with one company and a hosting account with another.

To purchase with Bluehost, all you have to do is first log in to your account.

From the Bluehost cPanel, click on ‘domain’ and then ‘register’.

Once you’ve done this, follow the tips and guide that Bluehost provides along the way.

Once you’ve fully paid for the new domain and completed the purchase, you can now assign it to the panel with Bluehost. The steps are pretty much the same.

The only viable difference is that you now have to modify the new domain’s name servers.

In this case, Bluehost will automatically verify and solicit their name servers in the domain registration.

Now you’re all set. With your BlueHost account, you can host as many websites as you want. To add even more domains, the process is exactly the same as the steps we outlined above.


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